Founded in 1993, the Impact Youth Basketball League is run  on a  year-round basis, winter and summer.  The Revelation Division is  for  kids ages 12-16 years old regardless of experience or skill level.  The league is held at...
P.S. 80 in Queens.
Each Saturday in December,    the league            invites prominent High School coaches to conduct FREE workouts for kids.  The workouts are           instructional and fundamentally based and thus leads to a higher quality of play when the....                 league begins.
Once teams are chosen, the action then heats up each Saturday 11:30am - 2:00pm.  Teams play a 10-12 game schedule, and trades are allowed for the first 5 games.  Every team makes the play-offs with the first and second place teams receiving trophies.

The league also gives individual awards... Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player and the Mark Reiner Sportsmanship & Hustle Award.   Coaches also can receive the Chuck Granby coach of the League award.
The first week  of January, the annual Impact Youth Draft Lottery is held.  Parents are also encouraged to participate in the lives of their kids by signing up as volunteer coaches.  Teams are formed via an NBA type draft lottery format.  Every teenager that signs up is selected on to a team.  Each team member must play in each game in which he or she attends.  Full uniforms (T-shirt and shorts) are provided and is included in the overall price of the registration as are referee fees.
Impact Youth League, We Make Memories For Kids